Deploying a Service Fabric cluster in an existing VNET

When you create a Service Fabric cluster using the Azure Portal, there is no way to select an existing Virtual Network (VNET) to host the cluster in. Usually there is no harm in running the cluster in its own VNET. However, when you’ve got an existing VNET to support integration with a third party using a VPN tunnel, this may become a problem. Reconfiguring / recreating the VPN tunnel whenever a new cluster is deployed is not an ideal situation.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to make some changes to the ARM template used by the Azure Portal to support an existing VNET.

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Calling an AAD protected API using AutoRest

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to protect an Azure API App by using App Service authentication; a turn key solution for providing authentication and authorization to any kind of Azure App Service. It supports many types of authentication providers, but for this post I’ll use Azure Active Directory. Once that is set up, I’ll show how to generate a client library for the API using AutoRest. The generated client authenticates with the API App by using a bearer token that is retrieved from Azure AD by providing application identity (service principal) credentials.

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Started Dutch Azure Meetup

Logo Meetup
This week Marco Mansi, Pascal Naber and I started the Dutch Azure Meetup:

Azure offers a lot of services and features, and this grows almost daily. It is hard to be up-to-date on all the Azure features. This meetup gives you the opportunity to learn about Azure in a practical way.

We want to offer a platform for Azure enthusiasts, where you can get hands-on with the technology, talk with and learn from each other. The meetup will not handle customer cases in theory but instead we talk about deep technical details, real world experiences and best practices.

Our first meetup is planned for the 2nd of June and is all about Azure Container Service:

Join the first Dutch Azure Meetup!

Docker is taking the world by storm and Microsoft Azure Container Service is where Azure and Docker meet!

During this first meetup Mark van Holsteijn will give you a brief introduction into Docker and Microsoft Container Service. After which you will have ample opportunity to get hands-on with Docker, Marathon, Azure and ASP.NET core.

We will show you how Azure Container Service provides an excellent platform for creating cross-cloud applications.

About the speaker

Mark van Holsteijn is Principal Consultant at Xebia specialized in cloud software architectures with open-source technologies.


18:00: Dinner

18:45: Word of welcome Dutch Azure Meetup

18:50: Azure Container Service (by Mark van Holsteijn)

19:30: Hands-on with Docker and Azure Container Service

Microsoft Build 2016 (Dutch)

Dit jaar zijn we met zes Info Supporters afgereisd naar San Francisco voor de Build conferentie. De keynote op dag 1 stond vooral in het teken van Windows 10 (met als coolste aankondiging Bash shell op Windows), X-Box, Hololens en de hele ‘conversation as a platform’ strategie met de Cortana Intellligence Suite. Onderdeel van deze suite is Cognitive Services, een verzameling van intelligente APIs waar je oplossingen mee kunt bouwen die natuurlijke communicatie methodes ondersteunen zoals bijvoorbeeld stemherkenning. In dotnetFlix aflevering 34 gebruiken we Cognitive Services om queries in natuurlijke taal te ondersteunen.

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